Contact Lens Exams

What to Expect During Contact Lens Exams

Contact lens on fingerYour optician near San Diego offers contact lens exams to ensure they are proper for you based on your prescription.

For some individuals, contacts are a much more convenient method of vision correction. For others, they only want contacts for special occasions and still mainly wear their glasses. It doesn't matter how frequently you want to wear your contacts; you will still need to undergo a contact lens exam to determine the right prescription and size of your contacts. 

At Anderson Family Opticianry, we want you to understand the process, so you know exactly what to expect during every aspect of your appointment for contact lenses.

Visual Acuity Test

The first part of contact lens exams is a visual acuity test. It consists of a person looking into lenses. When you look inside, you see lines of letters at different magnifications. You identify which line that you see clearest by reading them to our optician. Based on the results, your eye doctor determines the strength of your prescription.

You'll also undergo a test for astigmatism -- an issue that affects your vision due to an irregular curvature of your eye. The test consists of you looking at two different images. You identify which one you see clearest. You'll go through a series of these, which helps our optician determine the severity of your astigmatism.

Eye Health Tests

Your eye doctor will evaluate your eyes for certain health issues that could affect whether you're a suitable candidate for contacts. One test will check the pressure in your eyes, which can detect glaucoma. They will also look into your eyes using a special magnifying device that amplifies the inside of your eye, including your retina.

Contact Lens Fitting

Next, you'll have to undergo a contact lens fitting. This portion of the exam can be done with Dr. Nathan Anderson and consists of asking you to look into a machine. This particular device uses light to determine the dimensions of your eyes. 

Based on how the light reflects, our optician receives information about the shape of your cornea. From the results of the test, Dr. Anderson receives data about the diameter of your eyes.

If you decide you want to undergo an Ortho-K fitting for gas-permeable lenses that you only wear at night, you'll undergo a more extensive fitting process.

Finding the Right Contacts for You

Once your eye doctor determines your prescription and we help find the right fit, the next step is to find you the brand of contacts that's most suited for you.

If you have severe astigmatism, Dr. Nathan Anderson will recommend toric lenses or ones specifically designed for astigmatism.

You'll have to select whether you want daily, weekly, monthly, or overnight contacts. They vary in price, but certain options are better suited for some people. For instance, if you have dry eye, you may want to have daily contacts. You don't have to worry about them drying out or deposits accumulating on them and making them even more uncomfortable.

Based on your desires, prescription, and eye health needs, Dr. Nathan Anderson can determine the best brand for you. Keep in mind, not every brand makes every prescription.

Contact lenses are beneficial for those who need vision correction but who aren't fond of glasses. They're also beneficial to those who like the option to sometimes go without glasses. At Anderson Family Opticianry, we provide you with a comprehensive evaluation, so you receive contacts that optimize your vision and feel comfortable.

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